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Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!


Have you ever felt unsure of how to truly embrace and express yourself in a particular stage in life?  Do you wonder if you ever fit in?  We live in a world where societal expectations often cast a shadow over the beauty of aging.  Christy Wilson-Sith will have you laughing, crying and loving your life after she shares with you “life lessons” that came with over 40 years of teaching and performing.

Get ready to challenge preconceptions about aging, instill a sense of optimism and celebrate the indomitable spirit that comes with living life to the fullest.  This series is suitable for students and seniors alike always using humor and a positive attitude to face this river called life.

Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit
How to Stay in a Healthy Balance


Nancy Wilkinson, D.C. (2019-2020 Ms. Missouri Senior) will take you on a wellness journey to explore the importance of creating a balance in your life.  The stress of work, family and worry about money and career can take its toll on our well-being and wellness in general.

Dr. Wilkinson will help you navigate the stressors that will create dis-ease.  Through healthy exercise, eating habits and coping skills, we can all live our best life.

Make-Up Tricks For Senior Women


Everyone wants to look younger, and when you reach a certain age it gets more difficult.  Don't despair!  There are some really easy make-up tricks to help you choose the right color and application to take a decade (or two) off your face.  From just the right hairstyle to how to apply makeup, Suzette Allinger (2017 2nd Runner-Up and  Ms. Congeniality) will demonstrate the correct way to cover what you want to hide and bring out the parts you want people to notice.  Put your best face forward. 

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