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I Ain't Dead Yet - How the Media Portrays Seniors (And Why It Matters)

Sandi Wright (2018 Ms. Missouri Senior) retired from Marketing and Public Relations management. Why are seniors portrayed as helpless and sick when most of us are healthy, traveling, working and busy older adults?  This presentation is on PowerPoint and can be presented virtually or in person.  


Looking Good to Feel Great
Dress For Your Best Age

Deborah Gross (2014 Ms. Missouri Senior)  was a senior fashion buyer for Bakers Shoes and Famous Barr - all part of the May Company.  She's an expert at creating the perfect look for the active senior woman.  Deborah will give tips on dressing for your body type, using your best color, accessories, makeup and hairstyles.  How to look your best by body type and occasion.


Reflexology - It's a Real Thing

Nancy Wilkinson, DC (2019 Ms. Missouri Senior) is a practicing chiropractor and owner of West End Chiropractic.   Pressure points can really effect the way you feel - It can control pain and help you feel great! The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the feet correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied is believed to bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body.


Mind - Body - Spirit
How to Grow Old With Purpose

Nancy Wilkinson, DC (2019 Ms. Missouri Senior) is a practicing chiropractor and owner of Central West End Chiropractic.   Balancing work, family, spiritual and mental health are important at any age, but for seniors - retired or not - balance is even more important.  Dr. Wilkinson gives tips on how to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual YOU.


Self Esteem for Grownups

Sue Lauber-Fleming is an author and a psychotherapist.  She understands the issues we have as we age, perhaps not-so-gracefully.  There is hope, though.  Sue will give some advice and hints about how to keep your spirits high and how to feel good about yourself, your life and your age.

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Makeup For the Mature Woman

Suzette Allinger is a working cosmetologist in St. Louis.  Her knowledge of skin care and makeup for the mature face is well known, and she will share her knowledge with women who want to look better, hide those flaws and wrinkles and keep their skin young looking.  She will discuss color choices and what to play up - and what to play down.  She is happy to demonstrate on a live person if you choose.

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