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Christy Wilson-Smith

Christy Wilson-Smith, 2023 Ms. Missouri Senior America, believes it is so important to be yourself, no matter what your age. If you’ve ever looked closely at rocks in a river, they are all so different yet all beautiful, and work together to guide the rivers path.  We are like those rocks, all different yet all beautiful and we must work together to make a positive impact in this river called life.  Don’t be afraid to make ripples, we never know how far they may reach.  

As a teacher for 40 years, Christy knows the impact of those ripples that come back to us later in life and have spread much further than ever thought.   Christy lives by the philosophy of “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

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Christy's Story

Christy is a lifelong resident of Missouri, calling O’Fallon home. Graduating from Smith-Cotton High School, William Woods University with a degree in vocal music and completing graduate work at Phillips Theological Seminary.  Christy fulfilled her dream of becoming a music educator and retiring after forty years.  

Honored as Teacher of the Year seven times.  Christy also appeared in Who’s Who among American Educators and Who’s Who among American Women.  Her choirs have performed in Carnegie Hall, for the St. Louis Cardinals, and at the Fox Theater.

Christy was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame for Women’s Golf.

Christy and her husband Charlie are the parents to five and have 2 grandchildren.  A proud cancer survivor and is in a medical study through Siteman/Washington University in hopes of helping future generations.   In retirement Christy is busy speaking on “Overcoming Adversity with a Positive Attitude”, guest conducting honor choirs, choreographing choirs, and officiating weddings.  She loves singing anything from opera to country and twirling her baton.


Christy advocates for keeping music in our schools, and loves speaking to groups of all ages.  She loves being a role model for younger women, showing them that getting older isn’t something to dread, but something to look forward too!  

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