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Pageant History

2024 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Darla Behlmann, Queen

Roxanne Dickens (left) 1st Runner Up

Barbara Keathley (right) 2nd Runner Up

Diana Sikora, Ms. Congeniality


2023 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Christy Wilson-Smith, Queen

Marilyn Callicott (left) 1st Runner Up

Peggy Janis (right) 2nd Runner Up

Sally Faith, Ms. Congeniality

#2 redo queen Grey gradient flattened.jpg

2022 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Joyce Graham, Queen

Maureen Albers (right) 1st Runner Up

Mary Serra-Poorman (left center) 2nd Runner Up

Michelle Beczkala, Ms. Congeniality (left)

Formal picture of Coronation.jpg

In 2020 and 2021, COVID-19 shut down our pageant.  Nancy Wilkinson remained Ms. Missouri Senior America in 2020 and first runner-up, Carolyn Schlueter was named queen in 2021

2019/2020 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Dr. Nancy Wilkinson, Queen

Linda Stewart (left) 2nd Runner Up

Carolyn Schlueter (right) 1st Runner Up

Kathy Lovegren, Ms. Congeniality

2018 Court.JPG

2018 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners
Sandi Wright, Queen
 Dr. Nancy Wilkinson (right) 1st Runner Up
Linda Franchini (left) 2nd Runner Up

Suzette Allinger, Ms. Congeniality


2017 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners
Judy Davis,  Queen
Sandi Wright (right) 1st Runner Up
Suzette Allinger (left) 2nd Runner Up

Suzette Allinger, Ms. Congeniality


2016 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Peggy Lee Brennan, Queen
 Ann Leath (right) 1st Runner Up
Linda Tiedt (left) 2nd Runner Up

Mary Kay Spencer, Ms. Congeniality


2015 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Mary McIntosh, Queen

Dr. Nancy Pittman (right) 1st Runner Up
Mary Ann Schwandt (left) 2nd Runner Up

Mary Ann Schwandt, Ms. Congeniality


2014 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Deborah Gross, Queen

Doris Voerster (left) 1st Runner Up
Susan Pellegrino (right) 2nd Runner Up

Susan Pellegrino, Ms. Congeniality


2013 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Sonja Nelson-Stough, Queen
Katherine Shaw (right) 1st Runner Up
Patty Wiggins, (left center) 2nd Runner Up
Deanna Stark (left) Ms. Congeniality


2012 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Dr. Veronica Hilyard, Queen
Sylvia Swaysland (right) 1st Runner up
Judy Davis, (left) 2nd Runner Up
Jerry Eubanks (far left) Ms. Congeniality

2011 Court.jpg

2011 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Peggy Eggers, Queen

Wendy Gordon, (right) 1st Runner Up

Merrily Woodford, (left) 2nd Runner Up

Char Gearing, Ms. Congeniality


2005 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Janet Barrett, Queen

Betty Tecklin (left) 1st Runner Up

Dennise Lafferre (right)  2nd Runner Up

Dennise Laferre, Ms. Congeniality

2009 Pageant Court-3.jpg

2009 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Sandra Kirchoff, Queen

Cathy Loyd (left) 1st Runner Up

Judith McKenny (right)  2nd Runner Up

 Penny Fischer, Ms. Congeniality

2003 Court.jpg

2003 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Norma Cobert, Queen
Vickie Kalthoff , (left) 1st Runner-up
 Janet Calder, (right) 2nd runner-up

Janet Calder, Ms. Congeniality

2006 MaryLou Phipps-Janet Calder-Bev.jpg

2006 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Janet Calder, Queen

Beverly Chervitz, (right) 1st Runner Up

Mary Lou Phipps, (left) 2nd Runner Up

Beverly Chervitz, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

2002 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Peggy Shores, Queen

Vicki Fenster, 1st Runner Up

Cheri Schear,  2nd Runner Up

Sue Fleming, Ms. Congeniality


2007 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Susan Groves, Queen

Diane May, 1st Runner Up

Helen Byers,  2nd Runner Up

Diane May, Ms. Congeniality

2010 parade.jpg

2010 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Jacquelyn Crawford, Queen

Sandy Rosell, 1st Runner Up

Anita French-Kidd,  2nd Runner Up

Linda Hansen, Ms. Congeniality

2004 Court.jpg

2004 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Beverly Sauls, Queen

Ann Taylor, 1st Runner Up

Susie Harris,  2nd Runner Up

Ann Taylor, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

2001 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Edell Buhlig, Queen

June Bosley Gray, 1st Runner Up

Janet Calder,  2nd Runner Up

Billie Preston, Ms. Congeniality

2000 court 1.jpg

2000 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Audrey Crosby, Queen

Lee Werner, 1st Runner Up

Nadeine Thurman,  2nd Runner Up

Nadeine Thurman, Ms. Congeniality


1999 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Marcene Tockman, Queen

Cheri Schear, 1st Runner Up

Ann De-Franco,  2nd Runner Up

, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

1998 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Rosemary Bangert, Queen

Delores Rehling, 1st Runner Up

Maureen Lia,  2nd Runner Up

, Ms. Congeniality

1997 Court.jpg

1997 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Joan Daues, Queen

Elizabeth Brown, 1st Runner Up

Cheri Schear,  2nd Runner Up

Gloria Golbert-Marks, Ms. Congeniality

2008 Class.jpg

2008 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Christine DHart, Queen

Mary Lou Phipps, 1st Runner Up

Judith McKenney,  2nd Runner Up

Sharon Houston, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

1996 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Jerre Brown, Queen

Connie Denton, 1st Runner Up

Marlene Grant,  2nd Runner Up

Marlene Grant, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

1995 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Pat Bruder, Queen

Joanne Grendle, 1st Runner Up

Ruth Anderson,  2nd Runner Up

Ruth Anderson, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

1994 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Dell Hoffman, Queen

Lavergne Skorops, 1st Runner Up

Galena Hartman,  2nd Runner Up

Galena Hartman, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

1989 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Claire Sherwood,  Queen

Marge Daily, 1st Runner Up

Joe Epping,  2nd Runner Up

Margaret Jones, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

1992 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Perry Moreno, Queen

Margie Hermlin, 1st Runner Up

Shirley Schuvr,  2nd Runner Up

Lorene Knapp, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

1991 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Verna Miller, Queen

, 1st Runner Up

,  2nd Runner Up

, Ms. Congeniality

Final Logo.jpg

1990 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Scotty Hartig, Queen

Ginne Largent, 1st Runner Up

,  2nd Runner Up

Mary O'Bryan, Ms. Congeniality



Final Logo.jpg

1993 Ms. Missouri Senior Pageant Winners

Fanny Scantlin, Queen

Margie Hermlin, 1st Runner Up

,  2nd Runner Up

, Ms. Congeniality

Giving History


MPAC:  Caring Solutions, Gateway Chapter Cycstic Fibrosis, Children's Brittle Bone Disease, CHAD'S Coalition, Artists First

FORMER QUEENS:  Camp Rainbow, Equine Assisted Therapy, Lydia's House, St.Joseph's Hospital WiG


MPAC: Circle of Concern, Crohn's and Colitis Fund, Independence Center, Our Little Haven, SAJA Senior Ministry, St. Vincent de Paul.

FORMER QUEENS:  Equine Assisted Therapy, Lydia's House, SSM Health


MPAC:  Living  Well Foundation, St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Cancer Support Community, Prison 
Performing Arts.  

FORMER QUEENS:  Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Equine Assisted Therapy, Lydia's House, St. Joseph Hospital Cancer Patients


MPAC: Camp Rainbow, Pathways Hospice, Backstoppers  St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry, St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation, Siteman Cancer Research

FORMER QUEENS:  Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation , Alzheimers Association, Lydia's House


MPAC: Backstoppers, Sarcoma Foundation, Circle of Concern Food Pantry, St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness Org,

Gateway to Hope, Mid America Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, Retinoblastoma International, 

FORMER QUEENS: Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Children's Heart Foundation, Alzheimer's Association, Lydia's House, St. Joseph Hospital​​


MPAC: Bonne Terre Food Pantry, My Little Haven, Allied Churches of Alamance County, Equine Assisted Therapy Inc., Camp Rainbow Foundation, Father's Support , Fragile X Support Center of Missouri, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, St Patrick Center, Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry, Salvation Army, TASK

FORMER QUEENS:  Rhetnoblastoma, Children's Heart Foundation, Alzheimers Association, ALS.


MPAC: Unknown



MPAC:  Katie Hessler Memorial Fund, Mary Grove Child Center, St. Louis Salvation Army Adult Rehab,  Camp Happy Days, Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry, Circus Harmony Scholarship, Juvenile Diabetes Children's Hospital, Community Women Against Hardship (CEWAH)

FORMER QUEENS: Whole Kid's Outreach, Life House, Children's Hospital Heart Camp, Retinoblastoma Fund, Alzheimer's Association


MPAC: Children's Foundation of Mid-America


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