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Board of Directors


Officers and Board for 2024-2025

President - Nancy Pittman

Vice President - Sandi Wright

Corresponding Secretary - Karin Krakover

Recording Secretary - Suzanne Pratl

Treasurer - Michele Sleet

Immediate Past President - Helen McGlynn

Pageant Administrator - Helene Siegfried

Pageant Administrator - Susan Pellegrino

Former Past President - Sharon Houston

The Missouri Senior Cameo Club has announced its new Board of Directors for a two-year term.  Front row l-r:  Suzanne Pratl, recording secretary; Sandi Wright, vice president; Nancy Pittman, president; and Karin Krakover, corresponding secretary.  Back row l-r:  Jan Barrett, past Pageant producer;  Helen McGlynn, immediate past president; Sharon Houston, former past president; Susan Pellegrino, Pageant co-director; Helene Siegfried, Pageant co-director; and Marcene Tockman, interim treasurer (for Michele Sleet)

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