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Joyce Graham

Joyce Graham, 2022 Ms. Missouri Senior America, believes that it is a blessing to age, however we're never old...only seasoned!   Some are sweet.  Some are spicy.  But we're never "old."  She has found these words to be a source of encouragement to others.  As women age, reaching out to others has fueled her journey in becoming a "well seasoned woman."

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Joyce Graham's Story

Joyce, a native of Davenport, Iowa was blessed to be promoted and relocated to St. Louis.  At an early age, Joyce always longed to be a teacher.  So much so, that by age nine she conducted many involuntary classes for her two younger, not-so-willing sisters.  And so was planted the seed of leadership.

Performing the balancing act of divorced mother of two sons; full-time student; full-time corporate center manager for the conglomerate APAC, Joyce reached the zenith of personal achievement.  She then pivoted in the direction of serving others through Employment Connection, where she teaches "life skills" to those re-entering the workforce after facing multiple life setbacks.  In her quest to serve and educate others, Joyce landed a career position as corporate trainer in the student loans industry.

The litany of these life experiences has been punctuated by expression through Liturgical dance which she teaches and performs.

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