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2024 Ms. Missouri Senior America

Darla Behlmann

Darla Behlmann was raised in a musical family and can remember singing in front of people as early as four years old.  Her family traveled and sang at churches when she was a teenager.  She continued to share her talents with her local church and was a featured vocalist in productions and recordings.

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Philosophy of Life

Darla has been a life-long student of leadership, growth and development.  She graduated from Hickey College and studied business management at Fontbonne University.  While raising her two daughters, she worked at Pattonville School District so she could devote herself to her family.  Later, she pursued a career in financial services and banking for more than 16 years.  She retired from banking in 2020.  During her professional career, Darla served the Greater North County Chamber of Commerce and the Spanish Lake Community Association as a board member.  She was installed as the board chair for the Greater North County Chamber of Commerce in 2019.  She served on many committees while at the Chamber.

Widowed suddenly after 39 years of marriage, she met and married Mark Behlmann.  They enjoy spending time with their blended family, road trips and travel adventures.  She has been to 25 states and six different countries.  Darla paints contemporary art, something that came out during her grieving process.  She enjoys reading and is a member of the Thunder Hill Book Club.  She and her husband live in O'Fallon, MO (when they're not out on an adventure!).  

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